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LAbO #4 is a six day interactive event for music, dance and fine arts academy students, organized by Antwerp-based production organization for new music ChampdAction, in collaboration with deSingel, the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and Sint Lucas Antwerp from 18 to 24 February 2013. In this interdisciplinary project, students from home and abroad are immersed in new music and multidisciplinary projects with a heavy focus on the use of new media and electronics. The project week will be reported on by LAbO’s very own editorial office: bringing the latest on daily ups and downs, new creations and progress as well as taking interviews and updating photos and videos – thus becoming LAbO #4’s communications center par excellence. A week of workshops, studios, individual sessions, group sessions, (theoretical) reflections, showings and cross-over sessions between different disciplines is finally capped off by a closing event at deSingel on day 7 (Sunday 24 February 2013) which is open to the general public (free admission) and which features the presentation of the LAbO awards for best interdisciplinary project.



Different coaches/specialists provide stability during this six day cross-over event: instruments builder Volker Staub (DE), percussionist Fedor Teunisse (NL), installation artist Hans Beckers (BE), composers Marko Ciciliani (CR),Johannes Kreidler (DE), Wim Henderickx (BE) and Jorrit Taminga (NL), jazz saxophonist Evan Parker (UK) and composer Matt Wright (UK), double bass player Ann Eysermans (BE), electronics specialist Roel Das (BE), choreographers Marc Vanrunxt (BE) and Daniel Linehan (USA), architect Werner Van dermeersch (BE) and photo/video artist Koen Theys (BE). Given the interdisciplinary nature of LAbO #4, a dialogue between all these disciplines is possible (and desirable) at all times: a collaboration between dance students and fine arts students, or a cross-over between jazz, improvisation and contemporary dance, or a project with audiovisual art and classical music, ...





An introductory session will be hosted in deSingel on 29/11/12 from 10.30 to 12.30. During this session, all participants will be able to learn about the coaches’ proposed projects. This will bring about possible collaborations between different participants, disciplines and coaches, allowing them to become large-scale projects that can be further developed during the LAbO week. Classical instrumentalists can also take an introductory improvisation workshop with bass player Ann Eysermans.


A second (follow-up) session will take place on 31/01/13 from 16.00 to 19.00, with the opportunity to attend a ChampdAction concert that very evening. At 16.00, an improvisation workshop with bass player Ann Eysermans can be taken and at 17.00 there is a workshop for the editorial office. A project update will take place at 18.00, during which participants can communicate the state of affairs as well as any questions to their respective coaches. Afterwards, all participants will be invited to attend a ChampdAction concert in the ChampdAction studio at deSingel at 20.00.



With the support of SWDC, an initiative from ACV Cultuur and SWDC




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