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Serge Verstockt Portrait - 01.12.2016 - deSingel

deSingel was happy to join us in creating a Verstockt evening featuring recent work (A la recherche de temps) confronted by older work (Fingerfertigkeit) as well as a new version of the legendary DRIE.



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Coalesce - Benjamin Van Esser

Coalesce is a cycle of compositions which came to existence in the light of Benjamins PhD research project ‘[IN]VISIBLE: Towards an Artistic Performance Strategy for Computer Musicians’.
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Our LOVE SONG installation; this month @ Artarea Gallery in Tbilisi (Georgia).
For a short report of a Georgian television station, click the picture below:



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PICTURES Love Song II at Big Bang festivals

In november 2015, the installation toured with the Big Bang festivals of Zonzo Compagnie:


c Dries Segers 




ChampdAction, Jazzperiments and Concertgebouw Brugge present the newest innovation in social music making on a global scale. Terry Riley’s hallmark piece IN C is now playable on your smartphone, tablet or computer via WWW.INCAPP.NET






*** some highlights of 2015 ***

HRZSCHMRZ was the second Opéra de trash by Serge Verstockt and ChampdAction after Hold Your Horses and is part of what will be an Opéra de trash Trilogy.
It was premiered in March 2015 in the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels during the Klarafestival. Afterwards we performed the production in Opera XXI in deSingel (two sold out shows) and in Vooruit Ghent.
Some impressions of HRZSCHMRZ featuring Guido Belcanto:




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HRZSCHMRZ - trailer
HRZSCHMRZ - Opéra de trash 2015

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Love Song and Love Song II
A plea for Love!

LOVE SONG is an ongoing installation project with thousands of red sound buttons in the shape of a heart. The hearts are sent to artists all over the world who send it back with their sound recording of their personal song of love (can be music, text, sound etc). Since 2014 we are sending and receiving buttons and organising installation projects with the returned buttons.
In the summer of 2015 we worked together for a spin off love song for children, together with Cultuurnet Vlaanderen, Musica and Zonzo Compagnie.
It resulted in Love Song Klankenbos (with Musica for the 10th anniversary) and Love Song II (with Zonzo Compagnie for the Big Bang festivals).
The project is ongoing and will grow further in the years to come with installation exhibitions all over the world.

Love Song is still growing.
Are you a  musician, visual artist, writer or other artist and do you also want to join our LOVE SONG, send your name and address to and you will receive the buttons in your post mailbox.

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Sonitum Horarium
Sound installation by Hans Beckers

This sound installation with sand from deserts in different continents by artist in residence Hans Beckers. ChampdAction commissioned and financed the project that was developped in Pianofabriek and ChampdAction.
In 2015 the installation and performance by Hans Beckers and Bart Maris was programmed in the Kortijk festival of Flanders.
Hans will make a new installation with water for ChampdAction in 2017-2018.

Some impressions of SONITUM HORARIUM:



-- more on YouTube
SONITUM HORARIUM - Hans Beckers for ChampdAction


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ChampdAction and Jazzperiments developped an online tool (app) to play IN C by Terry Riley together with people from all over the world. 24 hours a day in coproduction with Concertgebouw Bruges. 

This concept by Serge Verstockt is now being used as educative workshops (in collaboration with Matrix) and during live performances with participation of audiences at the venue and from all over the world.

-- more on YouTube
lancering In C App (ChampdAction, Jazzperiments en Concertgebouw Brugge)

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In november 2015 ChampdAction organized the fifth edition of this international and multidisciplinary participation project for master, manama and phd art students coming from art schools all over Europe. During one week we can use different halls and technical support from deSingel en Antwerp Conservatory, coproducers of LAbO. ChampdAction coordinates the project on artistic, technical , productional and management level. For this edition we invited internationally acclaimed coaches such as Koen Theys, Wim Henderickx, Marko Ciciliani, Stefan Prins, Arne Deforce, Peter Jacquemyn, Matt Wright and we had interesting lectures by Fred Frith and Lieven De Cauter. 

Some impressions about LAbO#5

more on YouTube
LIVE STREAM LAbO #5 @ deSingel, Antwerp - Final Day


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ChampdAction/Studio Cd's

Several interesting cd's by and with works of our artists in residence can be bought via our website

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The ChampdAction team hopes to see you again in 2016!

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