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  Opera de trash II
Serge Verstockt and ChampdAction
coproduction Klarafestival

 20th of May 2015  deSingel Antwerpen
21th of May 2015  deSingel Antwerpen
23th of May 2015  Vooruit Gent

in the frame of Opera XXI

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Trailer Miku




Serge Verstockt about HRZSCHMRZ
interview: Piet De Volder 


click below for some preludes:
HRZSCHMRZ : The Tunnel
HRZSCHMRZ : Au feu d'amour

reportage Cobra



ChampdActions remake of a love song of 1958 !
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concept Serge Verstockt

our installation project with sound buttons ' LOVE SONG' is an ongoing love song


Love Song is a project initiated by composer Serge Verstockt (ChampdAction), in collaboration with M HKA, deBuren and Objectif Exhibitions. These not-for-profit organisations have sent and are still sending heart-shaped recording devices to artists arount the world, asking them to record a self composed, personal love song. The remaining buttons the artist could hand out to friends or colleagues, thereby expanding the love song netwerk. We already received buttons from Mauro Pawlowski, Guido Belcanto, Jan Fabre, Joan La Barbara, Peter Holvoet Hansen, Annelies Verbeke and many others!


Do you want to participate?

Send a mail to



In the context op Opera XXI and HRZSCHMRZ the Love Songs will be exhibited at deSingel from the 2nd of May till the 22th of May 2015.





during Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk
24th of April 2015 opening
till 10th of May 2015
(during the weekend /druring the week when group visits are planned)
26.04.2015 - 6 pm : performance Hans Beckers and Bart Maris

Hans Beckers has been selected with Sonitum Horarium for the 9th Arte Laguna Prize in Venice.
 He won a residency during the Arts Stays Festival in Putj (Slovenia), where he has the opportunity to create a new work.





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