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Interview Serge Verstockt about HRZSCHMRZ in Brussel deze week.




ChampdAction, Jazzperiments and Concertgebouw Brugge present the newest innovation in social music making on a global scale. Terry Riley’s hallmark piece IN C is now playable on your smartphone, tablet or computer via WWW.INCAPP.NET

After a fruitful launch of the In C app on the 11th of October 2014 in Concertgebouw Bruges during 'Iedereen Klassiek' ,performed live by ChampdAction musicians and app players at the venue and in other continents 




Our installation project with sound buttons ' LOVE SONG' is an ongoing love song. After the first exhibition in M HKA with some hundred buttons we are now working towards a second expo day in M HKA on Sunday the 7th of December 2014 (from 10 - 18.00 h)  with more than thousand love song buttons recorded by artists such as Mauro Pawlovski, Jan Fabre, Guido Belcanto. Welcome!







NEW CD BY ORGAN DUO 64 FEET - Miniaturues - available now via this website !  

Excellent reviews of Reciprocity by Nico Couck (ChampdAction/Recordings/3) and Dig Deep by Peter Jacquemyn (ChampdAction/Recordings/2)

"Couck brings tremendous technique to Reciprocity: the album really is as much about the composer’s instructions as it is about the musician’s interpretation, and the listener gains a real sense of a dynamic relationship between the two axes." Louise Gray (2014). Polansky et al.. Tempo, 68, pp 86-88.


"**** Waarschijnlijk zoals hij als beeldend kunstenaar door te hakken en te slijpen betekenis geeft aan een blok hout, doet hij dat op ‘Dig Deep’ als muzikant: indrukwekkend en stevig, maar evengoed menselijk en kwetsbaar." Koen Van Meel (2014), Kwadratuur.





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