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CHAMPDACTION is a willful and innovative production platform/ensemble for multidisciplinary music projects. Attentive to contemporary tensions between culture, technology and society, generates and encourages new artistic musical response. It offers a professional open stage where home-made creations engage in dialogue with collaboration projects, from individual musicians to ensembles, and where music interacts with other arts (ChampdAction/projects) - Continue reading here 



 TIME CANVAS - Love Song/ M HKA / SATURDAY 20th & SUNDAY 21th SEPTEMBER 2014 - 10am until 5pm

3000 LOVE SONGS recorded on voice buttons by international artists from different disciplines. 3000 voice recorders were sent to artists all overthe world to record their personal love song. Alltogether they create a unique composition - a global perspective on a universal message. 

Concept : Serge Verstockt

! Message to the artists: due to circumstances, the buttons have not been sent yet. You can expect them at the beginning of September.



In C APP / LAUNCH SATURDAY 11th OCTOBER 2014 / Concertgebouw Brugge

ChampdAction, Jazzperiments and Concertgebouw Brugge present the newest innovation in social music making on a global scale. Terry Riley’s hallmark piece is now playable on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Be a part of the launch of the In C app on the 11th of October 2014, performed live by ChampdAction at the Concertgebouw Brugge during ’Iedereen Klassiek,’ in collaboration with Klara.




Excellent reviews of Reciprocity by Nico Couck (ChampdAction/Recordings/3) and Dig Deep by Peter Jacquemyn (ChampdAction/Recordings/2)

"Couck brings tremendous technique to Reciprocity: the album really is as much about the composer’s instructions as it is about the musician’s interpretation, and the listener gains a real sense of a dynamic relationship between the two axes." Louise Gray (2014). Polansky et al.. Tempo, 68, pp 86-88.


"**** Waarschijnlijk zoals hij als beeldend kunstenaar door te hakken en te slijpen betekenis geeft aan een blok hout, doet hij dat op ‘Dig Deep’ als muzikant: indrukwekkend en stevig, maar evengoed menselijk en kwetsbaar." Koen Van Meel (2014), Kwadratuur.




New CD ! MONOLITH by Takao Hyakutome

“Perhaps our struggle to search for new music, as we do now, might seem totally nonsensical for advanced beings of higher dimensions. Idling in such thoughts, I can picture an unknown, mysterious and far more intelligent species having built a MONOLITH for their own reasons, and yet nobody knows when it was raised nor if it would ever move or vanish in the future, as in the SF novel 2001: A Space Odyssey by A.C. Clarke.”




And also, new demo CD with live recordings from the New Forum Project. Recorded in Berlin 2014, with work by Hikari Kiyama and Johannes Kreidler performed by ChampdAction.

With the support of the European Community, and in cooperation with Ensemble Orchstral Contemporain & Grame and Ensemble Mosaik.


For everyone who missed it, you can watch our short trailer






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