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Why Frets?

WHY FRETS? applies a post-colonialist and techno-feminist free-fantasy reading of the history of the electric guitar, an that has been charged with symbolisms of masculinity, manhood and sexuality like almost no other Western instrument. This "history" is presented through a variety of media in the form of transmedia storytelling. Live events relate to other manifestations of the project such as specially designed interactive websites (net-art), and installations of guitar sculptures. The project thus extends beyond a singular event, which enables the audience to piece together different aspects of the narrated history by visiting and experiencing the various manifestations of the work, thereby completing different facets of the counterfactual history to an individually constructed coherent narrative.


"Why Frets? – Requiem for the Electric Guitar" (2020-21, duration 30-40 minutes)

a performance-lecture for a reciting guitarist and fretless electric guitar


Music and visuals: Marko Ciciliani

Original Story: Marko Ciciliani

Writers: Marko Ciciliani & Nicolas Trépanier


"Why Frets? – Downtown 1983" (2021, duration: 25 minutes)

for three musicians, electric guitars, modular electronics and video


Music and visuals: Marko Ciciliani


"Why Frets? – Tombstone" (2021-22, permanent installation)

installation of interwoven guitars


With the support of Bundesministerium Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport, Land Steiermark and SKE Fond.

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