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Polyptychon / Transit

30/10/2016 (14:00 - )

STUK Leuven


The concept of unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation is hidden everywhere. Individuals become people, limbs form a body, affects are collected in the mind, and perceptions turn into thoughts. Such a narrative where each whole is a total made up of parts is what can convert musical ideas and transmute a collection of compositions into a concert. It is from this perspective that composers Trevor Ba?a, Oscar Bianchi and Katherine Young have written works using a single plucked instrument to give voice to something that can be visceral and silent, yet also piercing and brutal. Scenically joined together by Sergej Maingardt, the seemingly disconnected grows into one organic phrase where chaos and control embrace one another.


Katherine Young Earhart and the Queen of Spades (2015/16) electric guitar

Trevor Baca Spiel der Dornen (2015/16) acoustic guitar

Oscar Bianchi ballerina (2015/16) electric guitar


Scenography and electronics: Sergej Maingardt

Concept and performance: Nico Couck

Produced by Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, Transit Festival Leuven, ChampdAction


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