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Takao Hyakutome &Laura Faoro + 64feet + Hanna Kölbel, Primož Sukic, Rubén Orio

12/05/2016 (20:00 - 22:00)

ChampdAction/Studio + orgelklas Conservatorium Antwerpen

ChampdAction geeft met dit Studio/Concert verschillende jonge artiesten een platform.

20:00 G.A.M.E. ensemble - ChampdAction/Studio

Hanna Madeleine Kölbel
The cellist Hanna Madeleine Kölbel is holding a Master degree with distinction in contemporary music at Stuttgart with Prof. Conradin Brotbek. Her most recent projects include “Xenakis Aspekte” (12.06.15), “ready.made.go” (02.07.15), “Lachenmann Perspektiven” (05.12.15) and „LIMITS OF CONTR08€zl“l“ (21.02.16). The next upcoming project is „SpaceTrip“ (17.04.16) in Stuttgart. Hanna is part of the Advanced Master Programme Contemporary Music with ICTUS and SPECTRA and lives in Bruxelles.

Primož Sukic
Slovenian guitarist Primož Sukic was born in Koper, Slovenia in 1986. He studied at the Academy of music in Ljubljana and at Akademie für Tonkunst Darmstadt. He is collaborating with composers like U. Rojko, V. Žuraj, H. Zender, V. Globokar, J. C. Vasquez and M. Bonin, and performing on festivals and venues in Slovenia and abroad (Klangspuren festival, Biennale for contemporary music Koper, Tage für Neue Musik Darmstadt.), while regularly performing with ensembles such as IEMA, Spectra, ICTUS and Neofonia, and also colleagues from other artistic fields. He is currently residing in Brussels where he is taking part in a advanced master study program for contemporary music by HoGent in connection with ICTUS Ensemble.

Rubén Orio

Rubén Orio (Logroño, 1988), musician based in Brussels. During my career, being a percussionist has allowed me to surf and search in the huge possibilities that percussion offers. Don’t be attached to any concrete instrument, and be open to new sources of sounds lead me interest in music. I have been performing in venues and festivals such as Biennale di Venezia, MaerzMusik Berlin, Opéra de Paris, Neue Musik Ferienkurse Darmstadt or MIXTUR festival. Combining my practice playing with orchestras as Mahler Chamber Orchestra or Flemish Royal deFhilarmonie. After finishing my studies in Barcelona and Rotterdam, I follow the master program of ManaMa with ICTUS ensemble.


20:30 - 64-Feet brengt Color - Conservatorium Antwerpen orgelklas

The duo "64-FEET" started in 2009 after it was invited for a duo concert on the famous historic organ of "Torre de Juan Abad" in Spain.
Repertoire for four hands for the organ is scarce, and Ann Eysermans was given the assignment for this work. This resulted in "7 little pieces for 2 organists". he combination of contemporary music on historic organs produces some special effects.
Since the appearance of the organ in the Middle Ages, no other instrument is capable of producing such a diversity of sounds. One can call it a genuine synthesizer. Unfortunately the organ is barely featured in the world of contemporary music.
The duo "64-FEET" aims to change this situation by presenting a surprising program, bringing together old and new music, and embracing new technologies, live-electronics, synthesizers and electronic organs. This ensures a logical evolution of the organ-building tradition and puts the organ back into a well-deserved perspective in our contemporary world. "64-FEET" is ensemble in residence with Champ dAction, an ensemble with production facility and studio for contemporary music.


21:00 - Takao Hyakutome & Lauro Faoro - ChampdAction/Studio

Having met in Germany in 2014, Italian flutist Laura Faoro and Japanese violinist Takao Hyakutome decided to form a duo and build an international career. It did not take long to be recognized as one of promising duos for contemporary music, especially by Italian composers.
Rather uncommon combination of two melodic instruments motivates composers to write new pieces for them, namely among others Sergio Lanza, Riccardo Vaglini and Alexander Sigman. In 2016, the duo has received scholarship from Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and GAI - Association for the Circuit of the Young Italian Artists.



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