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Workshop Johannes Kreidler

05/11/2013 (11:30 - 13:00)

Workshop @ ChampdAction/Studio

Lecture/Workshop composer Johannes Kreidler on his new composition

Slide show music for 7 musicians, audio and video playback

“After I’ve worked for years with samples from pop music, combined with live instruments, since two years I am interested in the combination of instrument samples, combined with live instruments.
There are now huge sample banks in high quality and with every conceivable instrumental sound. These samples offer musical opportunities like any amount, for example, 40 flutes, or humanly impossible virtuosity (as Conlon Nancarrow with the player piano realized decades ago but which is now possible with all the instruments, so for example player trumpet, player marimba or an entire player ensemble).

Now I would like to increase the performance aspect. Samples coming only from the speakers are not as auratic as players which can be seen playing.

So I plan for the next pieces to record players on video in advance, and this material will be screened as multitrack video in the concert hall together with the live players.”



11h30-12h : Introduction

12h-13h : Workshop with musicians


This workshop will be in English.

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