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Marko Ciciliani

18/04/2013 (20:00 - 21:30)

Studio ChampdAction - deSingel Antwerpen

Componist Marko Ciciliani staat centraal in dit CHAMPDACTIO/STUDIO/CONCERT. Op donderdag 18/04 geeft hij eerst een presentatie over zijn werk met daarna een live demonstratie met verschillende van zijn audiovisuele werken. Recent was Marko Ciciliani nog te gast als coach tijdens het multidisciplinaire LAbO #4 project.

Composities die aan bod zullen komen:

"All of Yesterday's Parties" (2010) for voice, electric guitar and live electronics
"Intersection" (2013) for live-electronics and live-video
"muzART" (2010/12) for the Wendy-Carlos-Revival-Orchestra, live-electronics, lighting and video

"It is characteristic of Ciciliani’s composition that sound is not only understood as abstract material but as a culturally shaped idiom. The exploration of a sound’s communicative potential is as much in the foreground in his work as its objective sonic quality. Ciciliani’s work is characterised by a conceptual approach in which aspects of classical composition, sound- and media-studies play together."

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