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[insert name here] is een uithoudings performance waarbij Astrin A.E. Phosphora en BabyJesus, respectievelijk Ann Eysermans en Raphael Malfliet, hun onopzettelijke obsessie/fetisj voor ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) koppelen aan elks geschiedenis als onderzoeker, maker en uitvoerder. Vooraf opgenomen tapes gaan in dialoog met elektronische en akoestische live manipulatie. Door middel van looplijnen en parcours, geïnspireerd door RTS (real time strategy) games, willen beide spelers interactie vanuit een non-interactief perspectief onderzoeken. Tijd en duratie zijn hierbij van cruciaal belang om het resultaat, het product te ontdoen van haar doelkracht. Vanuit de anonimiteit los van elkaar naast elkaar tesamen.

Æ's work is multifaceted. Acoustic and visual phenomena from our everyday reality take on a new significance as abstract qualities within another reality: the art world. The tension between the entirely unexpected and the recognition of patterns as such are part of 'spoorzoeken', a concept that comprises various conceptions within the oeuvre of Æ. Her fascination for trains is reflected in the discovery of the parametric elements that these 'carriers of movement' embody, which can be used at any time to create a composition, installation or performance. Both the aleatory and the determined result in systems that are never completely 'watertight' (such as train sounds that deliberately converge in a contrapuntal structure).  The conceptual is a peremptory aspect that is almost never lacking within its audiovisual constellations.

BabyJesus’s current work revolves around the attempt to translate characteristics of generative art, made by autonomous systems, to my role as a composer and performer. By focussing on a balance between indeterminate parameters and frameworks of rules and possibilities, inspired by games, He tries to challenge the performers and himself to interact differently with known material in relation to sound and space. In doing this he withholds himself from creating in a certain style but will use any means possible to support, challenge and question the subject of the research. This results in embracing randomness and coincidental outcomes that often render layers of sound with changing microscopic cell structures.


20/05/2021 KAAP - Sint-Janshospitaal Brugge 20:00

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