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The Image Generator

The Image Generator III brengt zeven organisaties uit Antwerpen samen en biedt een programma aan dat de grenzen tusssen beeldende kunst, performance en geluid overstijgt. Verschillende artistieke interventies , performances en acties in de stad nodigen je uit om de voorgestelde route te volgen of tijdelijke enkele ruimtes in te nemen en hertekenen zo je dagelijkse routine gedurende vier dagen in September 2021.


SONITUM VODA/ Hans Beckers & ChampdAction

Everyday objects and natural materials turn into musical instruments in Hans Beckers' work. In the sound installation SONITUM VODA, Hans investigates the sound of water. Can you create music with steam? Can water be melodically and rhythmically played? bubbling rhythms,
hissing water vapors, dripping notes, sloshing melodies, … a whole arsenal of water sounds are transformed into music. Hans explores the boundaries between music and performance, between sound and visual arts.

Concept en installation: Hans Beckers
Technician: Istvan Leel-Össy en Gregor Van Mulders
Production: ChampdAction
Coproduction: KWP Pianofabriek and KAAP

Governors - Raphael Malfliet

Concept: Raphael Malfliet
Performers: Ann Eysermans, Maarten Buyl, Raphael Malfliet
Production: ChampdAction



Debris - Agnese Forlani

Debris is a piece born by the desire of reflecting upon my own body and on the many memories that are in itself accumulated. The collaboration with the sculptor Jackson Shallcross-Platt started with a personal interest in confronting materialities other than the body itself and led to a research of materials that could cooperate with the theme of fragility, injury and broken body. Debris wants to reflect on the idea of ‘normal body’ and on the process of recovery, questioning if a state of normality can be ever gained back with the latter. Working with plaster has challenged the body’s freedom of movement bringing it into stillness and asked for an accurate study of its intrinsic physical, sensorial and visual properties, to then find a way to bring the material in dialogue with the body. The senses of sight, touch and hearing were key elements to find an embodiment specifically born through the dialogue between the two. The piece does not want to be a chronological display of the process of injury and recovery, but rather a collection of elements of a personal history mingled in such a way to create a new narrative.

Concept: Agnese Forlani
Creation: Agnese Forlani & Jackon Shallcross - Platt
Performer: Agnese Forlani



23/09/2021 Extra City - Antwerpen

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