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Apparatus is the system of relationships that is established between two elements: the musical instrument and its player. While each element has the capacity to capture, interpret, model, control, or secure the gestures of the other element - it is the interaction and the changing of each element’s role that form Apparatus. It is the mechanics of the physical act of playing a guitar and how the body can become the extension of the instrument, its major manipulator, or simply both.

Nico Couck performs music by Simon Steen-Andersen en Tiziano Manca, and new works by Brigitta Muntendorf, Kai Johannes Polzhofer and Dan Tramte. Integrating guitars, choreography, J.S. Bach, electronics, and even YouTube. Apparatus is a multimedia event in which the physical and mechanical duality is the denominator.




02/04/2015 ChampdAction/Studio - deSingel Antwerpen 20:00

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