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The combination of music and visual art by Cornelius Cardew [1936 - 1981]


The experimental British composer Cornelius Cardew  [1936 - 1981]brought music and visual art closely together in his works.  His scores such as 'Treatise' [1963 - 1966] and 'The Great Learning' [1969 - 1970] owe their visual eloquence to his practice as a graphic artist, and his improvisational and group work was made with an awareness and connection to Flux art.

The Scratch Orchestra reflected the breaking down of boundaries between the different disciplines which took place during that decade with the development of sound.  This performance pays tribute to the work of Cardew and the Scratch Orchestra.  The amazing visual art score will be projected on a big screen while the musicians of Champ d'Action musicaly interprete this piece of art.




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20/10/2007 Petrol (Antwerpen-Zuid) 23:00

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