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A production of ChampdAction and M HKA
SUNDAY 22 SEPTEMBER 2013  / 13.00 until 17.30 hour.

The 10th edition of TIME CANVAS is protesting! This unique festival organised by ChampdAction and in collaboration with M HKA gathers artistic resistance on Sunday, September 22 with a program mix of installation art, music and performances.

Luk Vaes, Seth Josel and Jona Kesteleyn perform Unter Strom (1969) and Tactil (1970) by composer Mauricio Kagel, then scandalous. Unter Strom criticises consumerism, while Tactil reacts against the ‘exaggerated virtuosity’. The two scores were never finished by Kagel, but were reconstructed again by Vaes. / Dmitry Cheglakov, a contemporary Russion cello player, is invited to come to TIME CANVAS / The Grand Opéra de Trash in 27 scenes, shortly Hold your Horses composed by Serge Verstockt is an ode to disobedience. At TIME CANVAS, a selection of protest scenes will be performed. /Double bass player Peter Jacquemyn presents his new solo album! / LAbO #4 winners are loudly protesting with a new installation. / On our free stage for protest singers: NoMoBS, dancer and choreographer Marc Vanrunxt, slam poets Philip Meersman, Seckou, Dzjiessus and Elli / The protesters in Istanbul inspired Ann Eysermans for an installation / Live broadcast by Radio Centraal.

ENTRANCE 8 euro (standard) / 4 or 1 euro (reduction) / free (-13 e.a.) / More



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