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The 9th edition of TIME CANVAS will take place on Sunday, September 23.
This year, this unique festival, under the artistic direction of ChampdAction and in collaboration with M HKA (Museum for contemporary Art Antwerp) , revolves around ‘ecology & technology’.
Both topics are firmly blended into a mixture of music, performance and installation art in an artistically packed Sunday afternoon at M HKA.

With, among others, a creation by composer Godfried-Willem Raes involving robots and a live musician, a new installation by Hans Beckers (laureate of the Canvas Collection and winner young talent award TAZ) and the presentation of the second-generation Champ dAction synths by Tim Vets; all commissioned by ChampdAction.

Ecology takes the lead in ‘VIVO’, an installation by Jaime Oliver & Fátima Rodrigo. Using recycled styrofoam, the Peruvian builds a living installation which reacts to the audience

Belgian artist Hans Beckers – one of this year’s Canvas Collection laureates with his previous installation, ‘Sonare Machine’, which was on display on the previous edition of TIME CANVAS – premieres a new creation, commisioned by ChampdAction. The work entails an hourglass machine filled with the sand of deserts from different corners of the world  with which he raises the question of how we humans deal with scarcity and abundance.



German composer and instrument builder Volker Staub establishes a clear link between ecology and technology in his Polychord 2. Six long steel strings are put in motion through contact with other materials and fans.

Belgian pianist and philosopher Kathleen Coessens artistically charts the invisible layers of urban ecology in ‘Sounding Cartograms’.

Ann Eysermans, also Belgian, examines the different layers of train networks in an artistic manner and reduces them to a cartographic skeleton that makes up the foundation for a graphic score.

ChampdAction commissioned Ghent composer Godfried-Wilem Raes (Logosfoundation) to create a new composition for TIME CANVAS, using his homemade robots (M&M) and a live ChampdAction musician.

The young and particularly interesting German composer Johannes Kreidler was recently selected by Champ d’Action as one of two ‘artists in residence’ in the context of European network project NEW FORUM Jeune création. In TIME CANVAS he is featured with a socially critical and very topical piece that was triggered by stock market prices.

Last but not least, local Tim Vets presents the second generation, limited edition Champ synthesizer. Live performances by ChampdAction artists accompany the entire trajectory into the early evening.

Time Canvas is a ChampdAction and M HKA production.

Artists and performers: Volker Staub (D), Jaime Oliver  (Peru), Fátima Rodrigo (Peru), Johannes Kreidler (D ) , Hans Beckers (B)  Kathleen Coessens (B), Ann Eysemans (B), Tim Vets (B), Godfried-Willem Raes (B), Marcel Andriessen (Ndl) , Fedor Teunisse (Ndl), Ward Weis (B), Thomas Moore (B)

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