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5th edition of the successful interdisciplinary festival organized by Champ d'Action and MuHka


Already in its fifth edition, Champ d'Action and MuHka are once again joining forces for the TIME CANVAS Festival.  And to mark this milestone, they will be pulling out all the stops.  Installations and performances from recent years will be combined with creations and installations from the project VOIX INSTRUMENTALISEE, the central theme of TIME CANVAS 2010.

With TIME CANVAS, Champ d'Action and MuHka want to offer a platform where composers can develop their ideas and enter into a dialogue with the audience and other artists.  The contemporary art world has become accelerated in many senses.  The clear distinction between various forms of art is increasingly fading.  New forms of production and the integration of electronic models and multimedia are gradually becoming commonplace.  Champ d'Action believes that this new technological world will engender artistic questions.  Just as in science and technology, progress in music is ongoing.  The symbiosis between traditional instruments (the past) and technology (the present) is a characteristic of our age.  They complement one another and lead to an innovative, critical musical development.

In TIME CANVAS, music is presented as an exhibition at the MuHka: a museum full of sound.  Distributed throughout an entire floor of the MuHka, a combination of diverse musical worlds and performances will be presented.  Installations and audience participation may be part of the experience.  The day is constructed like one big musical score.  The audience wanders around and makes choices.  They determine their own time-space experience which in this way becomes multiform and individual.  Unlike the time-space experience in the concert hall, which is collective and unilateral.





13.30h & 16.30h     Serge Verstockt - Waterboarding [performance]

13.45h     Eric Thielemans - Insect [performance]

14.00h     Kurt Van Houtte - Ruminator [installation]

14.15h     Yannis Kyriakides - Sand Hidden Sound [interactive installation]

'The jury has chosen for originality, controversy and craftmanship: the winner is Yannis Kyriakides...'  Gaudeamus Music Prize Jury 2000

15.00h     Michael Lentz - La Ort Ven Ti [performance]

15.15h     Alvin Lucier - I'm Sitting in A Room [performance]

15.45h     Marko Ciciliani - Going To Hell [performance]

16.45h     Peter Ablinger & Winfried Ritsch - Deus Cantando [performance]

'The piano speaks!!!' 

(Software design: Thomas Musil, IEM Graz)

17.00h     Pascal Dusapin - To God [performance]

17.30h     Kurt Schwitters - Ursonate [performance]

During the hole festival:



Champ d'Action:

Ann Eysermans - Double Bass & Harp

Sabine Uytterhoeven - Clarinet

Rolande Van der Paal - Soprano

Elko Blijweert - Electric guitar

Kris Delacourt - Electric guitar & Electronics

Yutaka Oya - Synth

Peter Verdonck - Saxophone & Heavy Metal Grunter

Geert Vaes - Actor

Jeroen Stevens - Drums

Fatty_K - Human Beatboxer

Bakin Zub: 

Barbara Lüneburg - Electric violon & Voice

Joey Marijs - Drumpads

Marko Ciciliani - Electronics


Kurt Van Houtte

Marko Ciciliani

Yannis Kyriakides

Teun De Lange

Winfried Ritsch







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