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Installation project by Serge Verstockt and Werner Van dermeersch



For the installation STAY LOW that Serge Verstockt built together with Werner Vandermeersch, he lets four speakers attached to cables soar above the audience. The speakers are moved by using aircraft screws that are remotely controlled by a computer program. This results in a chaotic movement that is only controllable in speed. There is no simulation involved here. The sound is literally flying above your head. At the same time, images are registered by cameras attached to the speakers. These are projected on large screens in an adjacent room.

On the occasion of the opening of deSingel’s new buildings and for LABORATORIUM III, Champ d’Action, Serge Verstockt and Werner Vandermeersch bring a new version of this succesful installation. Together with musicians Fedor Teunisse (percussion), Ann Eysermans, (bass) and Mark Applebaum (mouseketeer), Verstockt (guitar) forms his own quartet that will be in dialogue with the flying speakers – making virtuality and reality meet.

These installation performances are held on Wednesday 16 March 2010 between 22.30 and 23.00 PM (first public try-out!) and during the final parcours of LAbORATORIUM on Saturday 19 March, starting at 20.00 PM.



Watch here some video fragments of Stay Low:






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