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Sonitum Horarium

Sonitum Horarium is a sound installation whereby the instruments are all kinds of desert sand from different continents. This installation shows the fascinating sound of sand: desert sand from different continents flows through hourglasses that were created especially for this installation. They all have their own specific noise and sound that is determined by the texture of the sand and the material that captures the sand.  

The installation consists of two types of instruments: the electronically powered sound system and 'the sand organ' that is manually played. The electronically powered sound system is the instrument generating rhythm and noise, while the sand organ represents the melodic and harmonic instrument. The sand flowing through the installation accomplishes a whole cycle: starting from the hourglass it goes along different collection systems to a bowl on the ground, from which the sand is picked up again by a mechanical system with chains and spoons and is transported right back to the hourglass.

Hans Beckers and trumpet-player Bart Maris create in their performance a musical dialogue with the hourglasses of Sonitum Horarium while experimenting with both tone, sound, rhythm and harmony.

Upcoming Events

04/11/2012 Bozar - Brussel 13:30
10/11/2012 Vlaamse Opera - Gent 13:30
10/03/2013 DE WARANDE TURNHOUT 11:30
24/03/2013 Raffinaderie (Brussel) 16:00
28/03/2013 Muziekinstrumentenmuseum Brussel
03/04/2013 Muziekinstrumentenmuseum Brussel 14:00
01/04/2013 Muziekinstrumentenmuseum Brussel
06/04/2013 Postgebouw Oostende 14:00
08/06/2013 Stavanger (Norway)
21/09/2013 Mortsel 17:15
26/10/2013 De Werf - Brugge 15:00
08/11/2014 Concertgebouw Brugge
24/04/2015 Festival van Vlaanderen - Kortrijk
21/04/2016 ChampdAction/Studio
23/04/2016 ChampdAction/Studio
09/07/2016 Kunst op het Hof / Neerpelt
10/07/2016 Kunst op het Hof / Neerpelt
11/07/2016 Kunst op het Hof / Neerpelt
13/05/2017 De Bijloke - Bibliotheek 15:00
13/05/2017 Ear To The Ground, de Bijloke, Gent 16:30
13/05/2017 Ear To The Ground, de Bijloke, Gent 17:30
15/09/2018 Orpheus Instituut
27/04/2019 Lunalia Mechelen - CC Nona

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