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Serial Drummer Girls

Serial Drummer Girls is a video project based on a performance that will take place on 12 March 2016 at deSingel in Antwerp. This project will be the third part of a video trilogy in which music and an analogous image concept form a common thread.

The first part (Death Fucking Metal – 2014) was based on western rock and heavy metal. (A fragment of this piece can be found at the following URL: The second part, My Dragon Brother, revolved around Chinese opera music. This final part, Serial Drummer Girls, is based on Western modern-classical atonal music. These different genres are placed in a setting which exposes their inner conflicts as well as the contradictions of the entire culture they belong to. Another thing all three genres have in common is that their starting points -or the ideology behind them- have become obsolete and that no alternatives have been found. The forms of music still exist, but their contents and contexts have been lost in translation. They have become empty shells: zombies, if you will. Therefore, this trilogy might also be called the zombie trilogy.

Upcoming Events

12/03/2016 deSingel Antwerpen
20/10/2016 Beursschouwburg 18:00
21/10/2016 Beursschouwburg 18:00

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