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RE:NEW – new production – Champ d’Action in collaboration with Spectra Ensemble, Royal Conservatory of Brussels and RE:NEW MUSIC


RE:NEW MUSIC is a European networkproject, in which twenty-two ensembles for contemporary music from eleven countries –including Belgium- engage themselves to perform at least four pieces of foreign composers registered with the network a year. The ensembles decide which eight works are added to the central database for their own respective countries on a yearly basis. This way, RE:NEW MUSIC supports the circulation and performance of existing quality contemporary compositions in these countries.

Champ d’Action and Spectra Ensemble are the two Flemish ensembles taking part in RE:NEW MUSIC. In 2010, they will perform 9 works that are in the network. Next to two pieces by Danish composer Simon Steen Andersen in the Transit Festival, Champ d’Action will perform the work of Joakim Sandgren (Sweden) and Gilles Gobert (Wallonia) in a concert with Spectra Ensemble in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. There, Spectra Ensemble will perform pieces by Bruno Mantovani (France) and Daniel D’Adamo (France). Musicians from both ensembles and students from the Brussels Conservatory will perform the piece ‘Vagues se brisant dans le vent’ by French composer Edith Canat de Chizy together.



The RE:NEW MUSIC project is an initiative from the Norse composers union. It is coordinated by the Danish composers union in Copenhagen and works with European subsidies. In Flanders, the project is supported by Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen (Music Centrum Flanders).



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14/10/2010 Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel 20:00

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