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Research project Ann Eysermans

The rush hour train 7209 – which leaves Herentals at 7:43 AM and has Wolfstee, Bouwel and Nijlen as its first stops – leaves Kessel at 7:57 AM, arrives in Lier at 8:03 AM, leaves at 8:04 AM, arrives in Mechelen-Nekkerspoel at 8:18 AM and leaves at 8:19 AM, arrives in Mechelen at 8:22 AM and leaves again at 8:25  AM, arrives in Vilvoorde at 8:34 AM and leaves at 8:35 AM, arrives in Brussels-North at 8:45 AM and leaves at 8:47 AM, subsequently arrives at Brussels-Central at 8:50 AM, and leaves at 8:51 AM, finally arrives at Brussels-Midi at 8:54 AM. The total travel time (Kessel – Brussels-Midi) is 57 minutes. The train leaves. Track to new air, pulses that sound different, for those who will hear them. Quite straight lines, you don’t even know whereto; there’s something special about the ‘not’.
Near fields, where sounds arise: a soft resonance becoming history -  as far as one doesn’t see anymore, only light still hears ... By-rail, your straight line parallel to the previous. Landscapes fade, turn fofsor-grener.
Further and slowed, slows still. To the stop called the final stop, but nobody remembers. The emergency hammer cabin: in sight. As it should be. I look at it. But nobody who sees it ...




Within the BOAB-research project ‘Messiaen Weerspiegeld’ (Messiaen Reflected) surrounding the development of a metamodel for score analysis, in which Ann Eysermans worked as an assistant for four years,  she now researches the correlation between music, trains and phosphorescence. The project bears the name P-TRAINS. A first phase was already developed: from a  rush hour train –with number 7209-  to miniatures for organ and tape, from stopping and passing trains to a sound installation. These common passing trains to a sound installation. These common elements come together in two phosphorescent graphic scores.

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25/06/2011 't Steen, Antwerpen
11/09/2011 Betoverd Bos - Kasteel Schuurlo 15:00
05/11/2011 Z33, Hasselt
28/01/2012 MIM Brussel 12:00

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