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P - Trains (Astrin Phosphora)


In “P – Trains (Astrin Phosphora)”, the lone physicist Frank Kondon and his dog Hund take you on a journey through a world of trains and phosphorescence.  “P”, Fyras, old diesels, atomic appearances, white phosphor, morendi and delays to which abstractions are the counterpart, through cross-media clips with which only the people of 2014 identify.
This intimate audiovisual presentation consists of different worlds that meet in compositions, stories, sounds, movements, parallels and contradictions to become one whole that booms loudly and whispers affably.

Ann Eysermans (b. 1980) is a composer, performer and improviser on double bass and harp. She is affiliated with ChampdAction and also works on her own audiovisual projects.

Over the past few years, she has been working on music, trains and phosphorescence for her PhD in Composition (VUB – KCB). For ChampdAction she has created several performances and installations (Muzieklabyrint, Stormopkomst, Z33, Action Happenings in Concertgebouw Brugge, Transit festival and M HKA) as an output for this cross-media project.

In collaboration with FWO-KCB-VUB


Ann Eysermans: composition, video, text and performance



Upcoming Events

25/11/2012 CC De Warande - Turnhout 10:57
24/11/2012 CC De Warande - Turnhout 14:00
20/11/2014 deSingel Antwerpen 20:00
27/11/2014 M HKA - auditorium 16:00

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