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Throughout its meteoric rise in the second half of the 20th century, the electric guitar has always been associated with low culture, the underground and revolution.  Few instruments have been saddled with so much recent symbolism and at the same time, few instruments run a greater risk of being strangled by this symbolism and becoming a caricature.  Modes of Interference is a programme in which the iconographic staus of the guitar is dissected and the 'characteristic' aspects of the electric guitar such as feedback and the use of effects form the point of departure for new explorations in relation to live-electronics.



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Agostino di Scipio - Modes of Interference III  10'

Stefan Prins - Infiltrationen  15'

Larry Polansky - toovvivfor  7

Mario Del Nunzio - 27s(pNM)  10'

Agostino di Scipio - Modes of Interference III  10'




Toon Callier

Bruno Nelissen

Matthias Koole

Johannes Westendorp

Live electronics:

Stefan Prins

Upcoming Events

29/01/2010 Open Music Graz
24/11/2009 Kamermuziekzaal Concertgebouw - Brugge 20:00
26/01/2010 University of Music and Applied Arts - Wenen 10:00
23/01/2010 P.M.K Innsbruck
27/01/2010 Sammlung Essl - Wenen
18/11/2009 Kamermuziekzaal Concertgebouw - Brugge 20:00
12/12/2010 M HKA - Antwerpen 15:00
20/11/2010 Centre de Recherches et de Formation Musicales de Wallonie 20:30
02/12/2011 Espace Découverte - Luxemburg (L) 21:30

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