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Love Song

Love Song is a project initiated by composer Serge Verstockt (ChampdAction), in collaboration with M HKA, deBuren and Objectif Exhibitions.

These not-for-profit organisations have sent and are still sending heart-shaped recording devices to artists arount the world, asking them to record a self composed, personal love song. The remaining buttons the artist could hand out to friends or colleagues, thereby expanding the love song netwerk.


What is a love song?

Who do you write it for?

Does it lose its meaning and intimacy once it has been shared with the world?
As opposed to the usual forms of sharing, liking, reworking on (social) online media, this device goes directly from the artist to the audience.

On the 21st of September (during the weekend of TIME CANVAS), the project has been launched in M HKA, the Museum of contemporary art in Antwerp, with 300 Belgian, Ukrainian, Georgian and Armenian buttons.


Visitors could press their ear against a heart and listen to one intimate song, or play different songs at the same time.

Many musicians, composers, writers and other artists from all around the world have already sent us their love songs. Yet recording a love song takes in more time than we had expected and therefore a lot of buttons are still on their way.
We want to give more artists the time to create love songs and the project with others. Also it 
allows us to find new networks and possibilities and to think about how to present a project that has become so big in such a short period of time.

If you want to record a love song or have any questions, e-mail us at 


















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