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Love Song II

Production: Zonzo Compagnie and ChampdAction for Big Bang
Coproduction : Musica and Cultuurnet Vlaanderen 
Concept : Serge Verstockt
During the summer, hundreds of audio buttons were collected in Flanders with contributions of what love means for children. This project took place in the context of Klankprikkels (sound stimuli), a project by Cultuurnet Vlaanderen (Vlieg). These hundreds of buttons then came into Klankenbos where they are exhibited as LOVE SONG Klankenbos in the context of the 10th anniversary of this magical place.

Afterwards, the buttons are brought back to life during the Big Bang Festivals of Zonzo Company in Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels and Lille; as
LOVE SONG II (a spin off from LOVE SONG).


c Dries Segers

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