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Instant Composed Music & Television - Thomas Olbrechts

The Liveness-project is situated between installation, performance, theoretical reflection and music. It stages raw and experimental liveclashes between sound- and image systematics of the omnipresent media such as television, computer, games, livecam, internet etc. on the one hand and the ontology of contemporary performance art on the other.

The project questions the influence of these media on the live structuring of time and researches how media can influence the structure of a performance. The Liveness-project wants to radically deepen the discipline of instant composing: the immediately-compositional and time structuring thinking, which makes this music so unique, is purposefully challenged. The position of the ‘performer-musician’ is, as it were, theatrized, deconstructed and transformed.

Different tactics, play methods or thinking modules are developed in advance and are subsequently played live to the on-screen action. The performers construct a complex structure thinking through different points of view: a continuously self-transforming SIGN SYSTEM / DRAWING SYSTEM, that is capable of moving the entire televisual context.

At the most lucid moments, this system can create a surprising turnaround, that is theoretically best approached with ‘the implosion of two opposing poles’ (Baudrillard). But this can only be a temporary result. Thus the system crashes, a new distance is created and new patterns that will become part of new systems themselves are developed.

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07/11/2010 M HKA - Antwerpen

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