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LAbORATORIUM 2011 is a two-year multidisciplinary project on contemporary music and sound art for students of art schools in Belgium and abroad.

LAbORATORIUM 2011 is a joint project of Champ d'Action, deSingel and the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (Artesis Hogeschool) that immerses music students (both performing musicians and students in composition) six days in contemporary music and contemporary sound art with a strong focus on the use of electronics in new music.
Besides students in music LAbORATORIUM 2011 also wants to attract young artists from the audiovisual and sound installation scene where image and sound work together. The next edition of LAbORATORIUM focuses in particular on the work of the Dutch-Cypriot composer and multimedia artist Yannis Kyriakides (Conservatory The Hague), and the American composer Mark Applebaum (Stanford University). LAbORATORIUM 2011 also highlights the long and fruitfull collaboration between composer and director of Champ d'Action Serge Verstockt and architect Werner Vander Meersch (Sint Lucas Antwerp).

Participants receive an intensive six-day trail full of workshops, support of composers and musicians of Champ d'Action, performances, exhibition of sound installations, open rehearsals, individual instrument and composition sessions. There will be a great final concert / happening in deSingel on Saturday, March 19, 2011 as part of the festival Ars Musica Antwerp where students and Champ d'Action artists present their work.

The aim of the project is to give participants practical experience in an ideal and experimental framework. Champ d'Action coordinates the project, committed artists and musicians alongside deSingel for logistical support.

Besides for students from the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, who can include this project in their curriculum, LAbORATORIUM is open for students from other colleges or other interested people aswell.




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Curators and teachers LAbORATORIUM 2011

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During the reception after the concert on Saturday March 19th there will be 3 prices given to the 3 best student projects in LAbO III.

The price includes:

- 750,00 € for each winning project

- One day of studio recording time in Studio Champ d'Action

- A new concert presentation on May 8th in the Antwerp Museum of Contemporary Art (M HKA) 


Participants of LAbORATORIUM 2011

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Scores and parts

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Scratchpage LAbO 2011

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Audiovisual parcours

The audiovisual lab gives the opportunity for students from the visual soundarts to elaborate on the theme 'In Search For Theme Variations'. There will be coaching sessions on a daily bases by artsist as Yannis Kyriakides, Mark Applebaum, Werner Vandermeersch, Serge Verstockt, Tim Vets and others S... To develop their project students will have a space in deSingel during this week. The result of this week will be presented to the public at the closing parcours on March 19 at deSingel as part of the Festival Ars Musica 2011.


Final concert / happening/ parcours

This final concert will be seen as a happening between 20:00 and 23:00 at various locations in deSingel (Blauwe Zaal, Muziekstudio, Theaterstudio, Kleine Zaal).  On the program are the results of the project "In Search For Theme Variations' by Mark Applebaum and student music, dance and visual arts.


Mark Applebaum - The Blue Cloak  [Champ d'Action: sextet + solist & conductor]  21'

Mark Applebaum - Theme In Search For Variations  [students] 

Yannis Kyriakides - Karaokes Etude - Creation  [students and Champ d'Action musici]  10'

Serge Verstockt & Werner Van dermeersch - Stay Low  [Mark Applebaum, Ann Eysermans, Fedor Teunisse, Serge Verstockt, Werner Van dermeersch en studenten]


Enrollment procedures (please register before October 31th)

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If you search for a place to stay during your stay in Antwerp, these websites could be an interesting solution:

Upcoming Events

14/03/2011 Studio 3 - deSingel - Antwerpen 10:00
15/03/2011 Studio 3 - deSingel - Antwerpen 09:00
16/03/2011 Studio 3 - deSingel - Antwerpen 09:00
17/03/2011 Studio 3 - deSingel - Antwerpen 09:00
18/03/2011 Studio 3 - deSingel - Antwerpen 09:00
19/03/2011 Blauwe Zaal - deSingel - Antwerpen 20:00
10/01/2011 Studio 3 - deSingel - Antwerpen 14:00

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