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LAbO #5

LAbO #5 from Monday 02.11.15 until Saturday 07.11.2015

multidisciplinary arts project for and by young creators


@ deSingel – International arts campus Antwerp

A production by ChampdAction, deSingel and AP/Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, in collaboration with other art schools

a multidisciplinary arts project on new music, sound art and multidisciplinary projects for students in music, dance, fine arts and video, from art schools at home and abroad.


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The internationally renowned video artist Koen Theys (teacher at St. Lucas Antwerp) was asked to be the main curator for this fifth edition of LAbO. He will focus on video art and the link with music and other art forms. German choreographer and dancer Stefan Dreher will expand his marathon-project Dancing Days to other disciplines, together with dancer Michel Yang and photographer Dragan Dragin. With Wim Henderickx, Marko Ciciliani, Stefan Prins and Serge Verstockt, LAbO #5 offers a superb variety of composers. Cellist Arne Deforce brings a ton of experience from the musical practice field. We are also happy to welcome American guitar player and composer Fred Frith who will give a lecture. We will attend his concert together with the Belgian guitar quartet ZWERM in deSingel. 

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02/11/2015 deSingel Antwerpen
03/11/2015 deSingel Antwerpen
04/11/2015 deSingel Antwerpen
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