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In the opera HRZSCHMRZ Serge Verstockt and ChampdAction put the spotlight on ‘love’. They ponder the ever advancing digital world that engulfs us in our daily reality.

Today’s world is a virtual one. Through social media, we 'share' our most intimate affairs – births, happiness and unhappiness – for our ‘virtual’ friends to enjoy. For certain groups, living on the Internet goes a lot further. Hikikomori – a growing number of Japanese gamers – refuse to leave their rooms where they fulfil all their needs on the Internet: 3D sex games feed the libido while their uttermost desire is to marry avatars.

Is this virtual love a modern version of the medieval courtly love? Are Hikikomori the modern knights of these times? Space and time are colliding in the virtual world. Everything and everyone is constantly available: glued to our laptops, tablets and smartphones for 24 hours a day – connected in solitude.

HRZSCHMRZ balances between two worlds: one of virtual action heroes, internet angels and avatars and one of musicians of flesh and blood with different musical backgrounds. 'Troubadour' Guido Belcanto shares the stage with classic, free jazz and pop musicians who serenade love through the music of Perotinus, Buddy Holly and Belgian New Beat.
















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