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We have two kinds of madness. One comes from the hell, the other one has nothing in common with this, it comes from me and everyone wants it. [Erasmus van Rotterdam 1509]

Ensemble, Tiptoe Company:

Ruth Van Killegem: recorders and objects

Jona Kesteleyn: acoustic & electrical guitar and objects

Pieter Lenaerts: double bass, electrical guitar and objects

Seraphine Stragier: cello and objects

Tom De Cock : percussion and objects

Guy Penson: harpsichord

Maurizio Pisati: live electronics


Music and concept: Maurizio Pisati

Coproduction : ChampdAction , MAfestival


The former one was a dance sauvage, carnival and fertility rituals, and finally ‘the’ Folia theme. Follies, folia de España and so called craziness, oddness, eccentricity, artifice, joke, capriccio. In this work, we are shipped on the ancient Stultifera Navis, the Ship of Fools. As we are boarded, we see eyes, hands and handwriting: they tell us – through pictures and sounds – the invention’s eccentricity, or the human foolishness leaving us free to cry or giddy dancing.


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12/08/2016 Concertgebouw Brugge 22:30

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