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In Dialogues, ChampdAction bundles a number of recent musical works by important Flemish composers for solo instruments and electronics and/or video scenography. Each of the works was technologically developed in ChampdAction/Studio.

PARCOURS is a staged project for solo recorder, electronics and water. The composition – Annelies Van Parys – and design – Anneleen De Causmaecker – occur in parallel, allowing interaction and cross-fertilization. Jan Van Hoecke, who plays the recorder, wanders through various costume objects and by several aquariums.

Especially for the Bijloke, Serge Verstockt will make a new version of his acclaimed multimedia composition A la recherche de temps, in dialogue with video artist Koen Theys.

Het werk wordt uitgevoerd door Jaan Bossier, Vlaming en ondertussen soloklarinettist bij het wereldvermaarde Ensemble Modern.

Verstockt en Theys maken in opdracht van De Bijloke en in coproductie met ChampdAction-Ensemble Modern bovendien een ‘A la recherche de temps II’, deze keer voor viool en video. Hiervoor wordt samengewerkt Megumi Kasakawa, een van de strijkers van Ensemble Modern.


Empty Mind I by Wim Henderickx was inspired by the work and in particular the ideas and philosphy of the late American artist Agnes Martin. The work was commissioned by ChampdAction for performance by oboe player Piet Van Bockstal and live electronics by Jorrit Tamminga. Premiere in Lausanne, Switzerland was in March 2014.

Empty Mind I has 6 parts (5 + 1), which may be carried out in any order. Main objective of the composer was to break open time and space. He made the combination of an open form (with a free order of the different parts) and the closed form (with a clearly defined score). In each section, there is a strictly composed part that displays a continuity between the parts and a number of free passages where the soloist can follow his own path with the material.

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