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CANTICUM CANTICORUM - Serge Verstockt/ ChampdAction, Collegium Vocale Ghent, Muziek Theatre Transparant

The Song of Songs: A protest

Passionate, contradictory and full of sensuality: the Old Testament's Song of Songs is one of the most beautiful and mysterious love songs of all time. Throughout the centuries, numerous authorities have tried to interpret and claim this book. In vain, alas. Here resounds the poetic wording of an alien woman who, driven by love, dared to defy law and command.

ChampdAction and Collegium Vocale Ghent explore the Songs of Songs as a protest against social confinement, boundary powers and raised walls. It's an inevitable love story in all of its rebellious facets: from joy to fury, from euphoria to anxiety, from certitude to doubt, from loneliness to a feeling of safety, from despair to hope.

Canticum Canticorum [or: The Song of Songs, A Protest] is a live installation in which the spectator is guided through the hallways of a majestic church, surrounded by immersive video projections, contemporary sound constructions and sublime old polyphony.








Serge Verstockt - artistic director, concept, music and visuals (ChampdAction)

Tobias Kokkelmans - dramaturge (Music Theatre Transparant)

Marnix De Cat - preparation Collegium Vocale Gent (Collegium Vocale Gent)


ChampdAction =

Alexandra Oppo - narrator, acctress

Berlinde Deman - tuba, serpent

Tsubasa Hori - taiko drum, cymbals, koto

Ann Eysermans - double bass, harp, gamba, synth, musical assistant

Iris Eysermans - organ, synth, organ pedal, organetto

Ko Kowalsky - e-drums, e-bass, synth

Maarten Buyl - software developper network, mix video, keyboards

Wannes Gonnissen - sound engineer, sound mix

Jean Pierre Deschepper - technical advise

Istvan Leel-Össy - technical coordination
Liew Niyomkarn – technical assistance
Wenceslao Jimenez Romero, Mathias Geerkens - stagehands
Pauline Jocqué - productional coordination
Leen Bastiaens - assistant projectmanagement and communication

Ann Andries - general projectmanagement


Collegium Vocale Gent=
Amelia Berridge,  Chiyuki Okamura, Magdalena Podkoscielna - cantus
Marnix De Cat, Bart Uvyn - countertenor  
Olivier Coiffet, Stephan Gähler, Peter Di Toro, Johannes Gaubitz - tenor
Nikolaus Fluck, Philipp Kaven, Felix Rumpf - bassus
Jens Van Durme - artistic coordination (Collegium Vocale Gent)

Music Theatre Transparant =

Dorien Wynants - production


Production ChampdAction, Collegium Vocale Gent, Music Theatre Transparant

coproduction with de Bijloke in the context of Opera21, deSingel, Operadagen Rotterdam


Visuals: with thanks to Marc Vanrunxt for the images of Deutsche Angst (coproduction Kunst/Werk & ChampdAction UIT 2007 - dans: Etienne Guilloteau, percussion: Fedor Teunisse)

Visuals: with thanks to Middelheimmuseum, Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen. 


Thanks to Decap Herentals


Video: Camera 1 - Pieter Hellemans, camera 2 - Alban Lebak, camera 3 - Lena Wynants, montage: Simon Van den Brande

Audio mix : Serge Verstockt & Istvan Leel-össy 



Upcoming Events

19/04/2018 Sint-Machariuskerke Gent 21:00
21/04/2018 Sint-Michielskerk Antwerpen 22:00
24/05/2018 Operadagen Rotterdam, Grote Kerk Overschie 22:00
22/02/2018 matterhorn 19:00

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