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Dig Deep - Peter Jacquemyn

Dig Deep - Peter Jacquemyn

08/09/2014 (20:00 - )

Düsseldorf Bergerkirche

Peter Jacquemyn brengt zijn nieuwste CD Dig Deep met Soundtrips NRW. De concertreeks "Sound Trips NRW" presenteert spannende muzikale tochten door Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Gasten: Nicola Hein – Gitaar, Simon Camatta – Percussie

"My music is largely supported by (amongst others) Asian nomad traditions, Mongolian Mohrin Khuur (horse-head fiddle) and Khoomi (throat singing) technique, Korean Pansori opera (origin 11th century), Inuit sound-word games originating from unfathomable prehistoric times, polyphonic Pygmy girl community singing, wooden horn ensembles from Cameroon, Papua panpipe ensembles, Papua, the last remaining society on earth still living in neolithic consistency, or by authentic Swiss yodelers and singing Sicilian fishermen...
Within this context my participation in the traveling 'Roaring Hooves' festival in Mongolia was a live-changing experience to me. My sound is determinate by ancient music traditions. Once manifested, the sound eludes you, ceases to belong to you. I try to observe my sound from a distance, making it seem like you're interacting with external factors. Interior monologue becomes interior dialogue, uninhibitedly responding to ourself."

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