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In SOLO, ChampdAction bundles a number of recent musical works by important Flemish composers for solo instruments and electronics and/or video scenography. Each of the works was technologically developed in ChampdAction/Studio.

PARCOURS is a staged project for solo recorder, electronics and water. The composition – Annelies Van Parys – and design – Anneleen De Causmaecker – occur in parallel, allowing interaction and cross-fertilization. Jan Van Hoecke, who plays the recorder, wanders through various costume objects and by several aquariums.

A la recherche de temps (2005) by Serge Verstockt confronts the viewer, both aurally and visually. The same piece is played over and over, but each time as if it were caught in a different time dimension. Soloist Benjamin Dieltjens plays the clarinet. The piece is delayed or accelerated – sometimes accompanied by a video recording of the musician – to then be brought back the original pace, creating an illusion of a physically tangible time. Sort of like the popular children’s show of old in which sculpted figurines assume and lose their shapes during the story.

The origin of the musical material of Black Rock Unfolding (2009) for cello lies in one of Brewaeys’ ‘single malt pieces’: Cardhu (2008), which the title also refers to. Aside from the fact that Black Rock Unfolding is an astonishingly virtuosic piece which requires every last bit of effort from the cellist (Arne Deforce in this case), its pillars are the complex interaction of live cello and electronics.

In 2013, Wim Henderickx’s composition EMPTY MIND I joins the SOLO program. The work was wirtten for oboe (Piet Van Bockstal) and electronics. EMPTY MIND I was premiered in Lausanne on 3 March 2014.


BLACK ROCK UNFOLDING Luc Brewaeys – for cello and electronics
Perfrormers: Arne Deforce , cello and Roel Das , electronics

PARCOURSAnnelies Van Parys en Anneleen De Causmaeker – for recorder, electronics and scenography
Performers: Jan Van Hoecke – recorder and Roel Das – electronics

A la recherche de tempsSerge Verstockt – for clarinet and electronics
Performers: Benjamin Dieltjens – clarinet and Roel Das – electronics

EMPTY MIND I – Wim Henderickx – for oboe and electronics WORLD PREMIERE
Performers: Piet Van Bockstal – oboe and Jorrit Tamminga – electronics


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03/11/2012 deSingel - Rode Zaal 18:15
03/03/2014 Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne (HEMU) Lausanne 19:00
01/06/2014 Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) Espace 2 22:00

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