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2011 Time Canvas

Time Canvas, the annual joint venture of Champ d'Action and M HKA, links the visual and auditory perception of the audience. During this eight edition Time Canvas [2011] follows the double track of instrumental virtuosity and creative destruction. With the films and performances of Nam June Paik and other Fluxus artists in mind Champ d'Action examines what this subject can mean today.

Time Canvas
[2011] includes a new performance of Johannes Westendorp during which he will build a new guitar within a few minutes, the presentation of Champ d'Action's new participation project "Champ d'Action Monochord Ensemble, a new graphic composition by artistic director Serge Verstockt, lot's of short performances of Zwerm, Yuri Landman, Mr. Probe, Laura Broux & Nico Couck (LABORATORY Prize winners) and much more ...

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25/09/2011 M HKA - Antwerpen
18/09/2011 muziekstudio, deSingel - Antwerpen

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