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The past few years ChampdAction worked out several series of educational projects, which focus on the participation of children, teenagers or university students.


Projects with young artists, amateur and professional 

In 2014 ChampdAction and Jazzperiments launched the In C App. scale. Terry Riley’s hallmark piece In C is now playable on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Choose your own instrument and get started with players all over the world every hour on the hour at Playing In C – online or live – requires careful listening, a positive collaboration and a bit of patience to create beautiful things. It’s easy – thanks to the great composition of Terry Riley – and it’s a valuable experience for anyone, musician and layperson alike.



For the fifth time already, ChampdAction will organise the Laboratorium project. LAbO #5 is a biennial multidisciplinary arts project on new music, sound art and multidisciplinary projects for students and art shools at home and abroad. The project was conceived by the Antwerp-based production platform ChampdAction in collaboration with deSingel and the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp (AP University College). Its goal is to immerse music students (both performers and writers/composers), dance students and fine arts students in the world of professional contemporary and multidisciplinary art forms for 6 days, with a strong emphasis on the use of digital media. So they receive practical experience in an ideal and experimental setting.

Other projects:



In C

Reborn out of speakers - Workshop about the analogue synthesizer buy Guy Drieghe



Projects with young children

Storm op komst - Kinderkunstenfestival in De Warande, Turnhout




Workshops & lecture performances

Workshop In C app.

Re:New Workshops- with Spectra and Conservatorium Brussel

Lecture performance Simon Steen-Andersen- with deSingel Antwerpen

Reborn out of speakers - Workshop about the analogue synthesizer buy Guy Drieghe




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